Center of Software Engineering (CSE) was officially established under the decision No. 1602 QD/DHDT enforced by the Board of Administration of Duy Tan University (DTU), signed in December 22nd, 2007. CSE serves the purposes of:

  • Researching, developing, producing and delivering software products and services that promote IT application process of DTU in administrative and educational activities through all development milestones, eventually lead to the successful operation of eUniversity system. 
  • Providing solutionsfor IT setup and application 
  • Developing software for retailing business (POS, Product management, Supplier, Coupon)
  • Providing solutions for eCommerce (online payment, mobile payment, SEO)
  • Building systems and developing software to support administration and education process.
  • Designing and developing REST API (SAAS-oriented software)
  • Designing and developing applications for desktop and website.
  • Developing applications and games on smartphone
  • Providing solutions for GIS applications and services.
  • Providing consultancy for enterprises regarding the ERP system launch.
  • Providing consultancy, adjusting and deploying open-source applications. 

Organization name: Center of Software Engineering - CSE

 Address: 8th floor – K7/25 Quang Trung Street – Da Nang city – Viet Nam

2. Mission and vision


  • We always work with high effort to create the best products and to satisfy the needs of customers, both domestically and internationally.
  • We never stop physically and mentally caring for our employees, specialists and experts.


  • Our goal is to become one of the most credited software engineering center of Viet Nam.
  • We want to complete and put the eUniversity system into operation by 2015, serving the purpose of making DTU one of the most reliable eUniversity.
  • We want to become software outsourcing partner for customers from big countries such as the U.S., Japan… by 2014.




III.1 Providing solutions for IT application

One of CSE’s strengths is providing solutions for IT application in education, health, commerce and enterprise. We have the best team of richly-experienced consultants, professors and engineers graduated from highly-appreciated universities in the United States such as Carnegie Mellon University. CSE has gained much success over the past few years in not only proposing solutions for eUniversity project at DTU, but also developing software for other enterprises.

III. 2 Developing softwares

Developing application software is another strong point of CSE. Over the years, with the ambition of creating new software that meet the administration requirements of enterprises and proceeding on continuous research and market analysis, many high-quality software have been put into reality to best support the administration and education process of both universities and enterprises.

III.Designing website

With the engineering team full of professionalism and enthusiasm, CSE has brought life to many professional websites that totally satisfy both the interface and function requirements.

III.Outsourcing softwares

Serving as outsourcing company for Japanese and American partners is among CSE’s highly-prioritized works. CSE has owned an experienced crew with strong expertise and English skills as well as strict production process, promising to always deliver high-quality products.


Development methodology: Scrum, Agile

ALM tools: Team Foundation Server, Redmine, Jenkins, GIT

Communication Language: English

Application type:

-         Web application

-         Desktop application

-         Mobile application

-         Software as a Service (SaaS) application

Mobile Application:

-         Native: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

-         Hybrid: PhoneGap, Titanium, Rhodes

-         Game: Corona, CoCos2D,Unity3D


-         Language: .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

-         Front-end: Bootstrap, Backbone, Underscore, Ember, jQuery

-         Back-end: NodeJS, ASP.Net MVC, Spring, Struts, ROR, CakePHP, Django

-         CMS: Orchard, WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, DotnetNuke, Sakai

-         Web service: SOAP, RESTful (JSON, XML)


-         Language: C#, VB.NET, X++

-         Support Tool: DevExpress.NET

-         Web service: SOAP, RESTful (JSON, XML)


-         SQL: MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSql, PostGIS

-         No SQL: MongoDB, Redis

-         ORM: LinQ, Hibernate

Message Queue: ZeroMQ, RabitMQ

ERP: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Open ERP

ECM: MS Sharepoint, Dspace, Sakai, Moodle

Development tool:

-         Source Control: SVN, CVS, Git, Visual SourceSafe

-         Build: Hudson, Ant, Maven

-         IDE: Eclipse, NetBean, XCode, Visual Studio

-         Server: Ubuntu, Windows Server

-         App Server: Apache, Tomcat, IIS, Nginx

-         Hosting: Amazon Web Service

Testing tool: LoadRunner, QuickTest Pro, Visual Studio



-         Product setup

-         Inventory management

-         Deal and cost management

-         POS

-         Ecommerce

Real estate

-         Product listing

-         Estimate management


-         Evidence management

-         Court aid

Mobile game

-         Knowledge quiz

-         Education


-         CRM

-         HRM


-         eCampus (ex: Academic Management System, E-learning, eLib, Assest Management System, Admissions Management System, Smart Card Campus,…)


-         Human Management System, Asset Management System,…

-         Membership System using Contactless smartcard



VI.1 Process

“Agile development is no silver bullet, but it is useful.

Organizationally, agile delivers value and reduces costs;

technically, it highlights excellence and minimal bugs;

personally, many find it their preferred way to work.”

James Shore, “The Art of Agile Development”

With those messages in mind, our works have always been handled using Agile method. The process used will be different with different projects (Scrum, TSP, XP,…) to have a better flexibility and higher quality. Tỷt

VI.2 Tools

In order to have amazing performance, we flexibly combine all the following project management tools:

  • Team Foundation Server, Redmine
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • ArchitectureStudio, Edraw Max, Balsamiq Mockups, Visual Studio, Mindjet…

VI.3 Facility and infrastructure

We always equipped our office with the best and most updated equipments.

Each employee will have their own laptop or desktop (Macbook pro, iMac, PC…) and all accessories needed for work such as iPhone, iPad, tablet… Furthermore, fast and stable Internet bandwidth ensures information and documents exchange between members without interruption.