Academic Management System Version

This a software meeting the Academic management process under credit system or yearly system. It is performed throughout the process management training from the students passing through the university/college input test to student planning of full course, course registration, teaching schedule, score recording, score averaging and arranging teaching/studying schedule/timetable. Besides, system also provide reporting information and statistics in order to meet the needs of orientation and planning for the whole university. Provide information for users anywhere, anytime

The software includes 02 systems

The Back-End System: The AMS system consists over of 15 modules and 144 service functions for updating, information processing and statistical reports

Front – End System: It’s a myDTU portal consists over of 18 modules, 68 functions in order to meet the credit registering, tracking schedule, training schedule, transcripts, curriculum, syllabus, electronic syllabus, teaching schedule, score recording of students learning process, electronic libraries…

System pre-requisites

For The Back-End System Developed on Windows Desktop

Programming Language: C#

Framework: netframework

Database: Microsoft SQL Server

For Front – End System Developed on Web

Programming Language: ASP.NET

Database: Microsoft SQL Server

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