Smart Card Management and Operation System for Sun Group

Smart Card Management and Operation System for Sun Group is a product supporting the monitoring and managing the contactless card related to the rights of officers, employees and staffs of Sun Group during the use of incentive service of Corporation

The system is built and packaged in the form of modules-functional. The modules will provide modules and functions as a constituent part of ERP system, consistent and always ready to meet the requirements of the Corporation at any time

The system includes:

  • The modules on web portal frameworks is developed on PHP/Drupal consists of 09 modules, which provides functional modules below:
  • Manage membership card
  • Online booking inquiry
  • Manage incentive information
  • Use incentive online
  • Manage Approved incentive profile
  • Manage Events
  • Module that provides function to report on membership
  • Back-Office is an application which is developed on Win form, providing record and print card function
  • Front-Office is a Win Form application providing reading card information function, using special/incentive services, which points of service (POS) are approved.

System pre-requisites

For module developed on Web Browser:

Programming Language: PHP

Framework: Drupal 7.0

Database: mySQL

For module Back-Office, Front-Office developed on Windows Desktop:

Programming Language: C#.

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